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Siviez Winter 2013

Lucky enough to have a family that loves skiing, I was treated to another fantastic holiday in the mountains in April 2013. This time my family and I visited the stunning Swiss Alps, staying in Siviez near the world famous ski town of Verbier. The snow conditions were un-real and every time I touch snow with my skis I’m assured that it’s something I will pursue for the rest of my life.

This time was a little different as it was the first time I’d taken my Canon 60d to mountains and I was determined to get the best photographs I could to capture the immense beauty of the mountains in Switzerland. We had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy the photos – that’s quite enough talk from me!

IMG_5577edit IMG_5688edit2IMG_5579edit IMG_6015edit IMG_6018edit IMG_6051editIMG_6020edit IMG_6186editIMG_6080edit2 IMG_5445edit IMG_5526edit

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